Burning Peony

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The Flower King Yaojun of the Hundred Flowers Banquet was violently killed in front of the eyes of the immortals, and many immortals were killed one after another. Legend has it that there is a temple on the top of Kunlun Mountain, Yunyandu, which can be pawned to take all things, and the flower fairy white peony went to Yunyandu in order to seek the truth and met the evil god king. The order of winter blossom is imminent, the white peony is unwilling to succumb to the blossom against the time, suffer the heavenly punishment, the god king turns into a divine beast Pixiu to absorb the water of the rivers, lakes and seas to extinguish the heavenly calamity thunder and fire on the white peony, and the two fall in love. Bai Peony found that the owner of Yunyandu was a woman exactly like himself, and the Shenjun was inextricably linked to this person. The real murderer who took the birthday at the Hundred Flowers Banquet was also about to move, plotting to seize Yunyandu…

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